24 Apr 2007 | Má Fama#52

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01 Autor Maja Ratkje
02 Earth Flower-Corsano Duo
03 Earth Intruders Björk
04 Blue Sands Colleen
05 Unt.4 Julianna Barwick
06 Dancing With Friends Julianna Barwick
07 The Pushers Wooden Wand
08 I Was Not There Ignatz
09 We Must Also Love The Thieves Wooden Wand
10 James & The Quiet Wooden Wand
11 Spitting At The Camera Wooden Wand
12 Devil Do Holly Golightly & the Brokeoffs
13 This Place In Time Colleen


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey sérgio, i finally listened to some radioshows of yours ;p.
Too bad I can't understand Portugese. But that doesn't mind for listening to music, luckily. Didn't know you showcase so many experimental things. I like the diversity of it. Keep it up! I promoted it for you a bit on my hyves profile. (sort of myspace thing , but of Dutch origin)
Take care!


12:35 am  
Blogger Sérgio Hydalgo said...

Hi Chung. Hope you like some of the music though. I try to balance more adventurous (or exprimental) music with more conventional stuff. The most important thing are the songs. Somehow I need to connect with them . The musical genre isn't the most important.

Have you listen to the interviews? There are some in english.

Oh and thank you soooooo much for the webdesigning. I absolutely love what you and Sílvia did. You're the best.


12:03 pm  
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